Reclaiming Your Positive Self-Esteem




I’m excited to present this web-based course on self-esteem development and healing. I’ve taught the live course many times and have received a very positive participant response (see reviews below). This course includes four-hours of recorded lecture/discussion, power point slides, videos and written exercises. The presentation is divided into thirteen lessons, and you can watch any amount and return to resume where you left off.

When you register for the course, you gain permanent access, so you can watch it as many times as you like. Many live workshop participants have taken the course multiple times, and indicate that they learn something new each time.

What Participants Are Saying:

It was one of the most “life changing” events I have ever experienced and wished I had attended this years ago. For me it wasn’t just learning about self esteem, it was learning about myself in this world of many other self esteem sufferers. I am definitely not alone and that in itself was life changing.    Julie M.

 In my own experience, the journey of healing a wounded self-esteem can take years of therapy and/or self-discovery… or you can get a jump start and significantly shorten the process by attending Dr. Ledford’s workshop series! He has an amazing gift of getting to the heart of the issue, and gives practical steps to finding relief for a problem that can haunt all aspects of a person’s life.      Anne T.

Dr. Ledford will lead you through exercises and examples that bring out the best opportunity for seeing yourself in the light of the wonderful person your Creator made you to be. Give yourself a gift by registering for this workshop today…you’ll be glad you did!      Gary P.

This class was insightful journey into the reasons why so many of us suffer from negative self-talk and is packed with solutions on how to overcome a low self-esteem and improve your current self-esteem in order to gain a more enriched and happy life for you and for those around you. You can become your own psychologist by understanding how your mind works and how your early and present experiences impact your current beliefs of who you are and how it affects everything you accomplish in life.       Patti C.

My perceptions on how to see myself and understand the way it impacts my life have changed my mental lens I see through, forever. You don’t want to miss the teaching and therapy of Psychologist Dr. Ledford, truly a gift from God and a vessel used by Him to improve yourself and your relationships.    Joni P.

I just can’t say enough about how powerful it was. Not just the content, but how it was presented. I love the stories, the analogies, the humor!, the interaction amongst the group. Dr. Ledford did a wonderful job with this class. I hate it’s over!              Vicki M.


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