Here are some videos I have found helpful. Each one pertains, in some way, to self-esteem, self-worth or emotional health. I’ve put them in order of (my perceived) value and impact. Hope you enjoy them. I also welcome your suggestions for additional videos you have found useful.


This TED Talk by Shane Koyczan is a powerful and moving statement on self-esteem and bullying. Don’t miss it!



Here are two TED Talks by Brene Brown on vulnerability. The second talk references the first, so watch them in order. Enjoy.



Niko Everett gives an uplifting talk to teenagers about building self-esteem.

Great TED talk by Meaghan Ramsey on “Why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you.”

This talk “Lessons from the Mental Hospital” is open, vulnerable and inspiring. Hope you enjoy Glennon Doyle Melton.

This TED Talk by psychologist, Guy Winch, Ph.D., discusses the need to put more emphasis on emotional health, self-esteem and self-talk.


Cameron Russell shows how looks aren’t everything.

This TED Talk by Thandy Newton addresses the self-esteem issue of being different.


Females can be so self-critical regarding appearance. This video by Natalie Hodson presents the truth that real humans are “perfectly imperfect.”


Monica Lewinsky presents a thoughtful and compelling presentation on her personal experience with public shame and a case against a culture of humiliation.

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