Reclaiming Your God-Given Self-Esteem

This course deals with the problem of negative self-esteem with a clear scriptural focus. Dr. Ledford will discuss how we should see ourselves in our relationship to God and how we should see ourselves in relationship to each other.  Participants will learn to see themselves as God sees them. Discover the truth about you, as you see yourself through His eyes.


Many times, children experience negative events that wound their self-esteem and create negative self-beliefs. Without intervention, these negative beliefs can follow the person throughout life. This presentation will provide scriptures and tools to begin healing self-esteem wounds. You can learn to feel good about yourself!

This Course Includes:

Comparing Ourselves to God vs. Comparing Ourselves to Each Other

Being Precious to God

Being Loved by God

Wounds From a Sinful World

Seeing Ourselves Accurately

Changing Negative Thinking

Creating Life-Long Change

Loving Our Neighbors

Loving Ourselves

This course incorporates the principles from Dr. Ledford’s new book, “Parables for a Wounded Heart: Overcoming the Wounds to Your Self-Esteem and Transforming Your Perception of You”

Pastoral Reviews/Comments:

We had great attendance. People really came out and supported the Sunday evenings. Why is this? Dr. Terry Ledford speaks from the heart and to the heart, and the workshop serves to renew the heart. Dr. Ledford speaks from the heart, that is, he speaks from a wealth of experience. What he shares, he has lived. Furthermore, Dr. Ledford speaks to the heart. The parables he shares are stories that all of us can relate to in our own lives. They touch our hearts where we have been, where we are now, and where we are headed. Still further, Dr. Ledford’s seminar serves to renew the heart. It is one thing to feel our pain, our wounds if you will, but to have some substance that renews us, restores us and invigorates us, this is what we need. This seminar will strengthen every church, faith community, business, industry, school group, anyone interested in healing, motivating and empowering people. I highly recommend it to you.”

Dr. Bobby Gantt, Senior Pastor

Florence Baptist Church


I was very thankful that Dr. Ledford was able to come and speak to our church.  It was clear that he not only knows the material he presented so very well, (after decades of Christian counseling), but deeply cares about people of faith living in the fullness and freedom that God intends for all people.  I was personally affected by his presentation, as were so many who were in attendance.  His material is beyond thought provoking, helping to move us toward wholeness.  It was also touching to see so many people want to talk to Dr. Ledford after his presentation.  He clearly spoke on a deeply meaningful topic for this congregation.  I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ledford and know you will be blessed, as we were.

Dr. Cal Sayles, Senior Pastor

Adaville Baptist Church


At the very heart of the message of the biblical doctrine of salvation is God’s intention to make us “whole” .  Dr. Terry Ledford has a wonderful ability to blend social science with biblical theology to facilitate spiritual and emotional healing in the lives of both individuals and congregations.  Terry’s workshops were a tremendous blessing to our church enabling us to exchange the lies that permeate our thinking for the truth of God’s Word.  Dr. Ledford has the innate ability to speak simply without being simplistic and the insight to take very difficult and complex truths and make them accessible and readily understandable to the laity.  Dr. Ledford’s wealth of insights, gleaned over a lifetime of learning and experience and shared with both wisdom and compassion, would be a great way to move a church, a family , or an individual to a more passionate and honest relationship with God, others, and with one’s self.

Dr. Barry Keys, Senior Pastor

First Baptist Church, Forest City


Dr. Terry Ledford presented an overnight workshop to the deacons in the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina. The presentation spoke to the deacons’ themselves as they recognized their own self-esteem wounds, as well as equipping the deacons to identify self-esteem issues with people to whom they minister. Dr. Ledford’s presentation was interactive and Biblically based. It was an excellent presentation.

Kristi Culbreth, Head Deacon

Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina


As a minister to students, I have wanted for some time to secure Dr. Terry Ledford to speak at my church, Elizabeth Baptist in Shelby, NC. Recently, I had the privilege of having him speak to a group of pre-teens, teens, parents, and interested adults about the impact of heart wounds and the universal struggle of teenagers to acquire and maintain positive self-esteem.  Dr. Ledford’s powerful presentation effectively reminded the audience that these struggles can be life-long unless they are faced and resolved, and the earlier they are addressed, the better. His presentation framed the issues related to self-esteem and heart wounds in the context of biblical teaching and God’s plan for each of us.

Since the presentation, I have received scores of encouraging comments and expressions of gratitude from attendees who were touched by the presentation and by Dr. Ledford’s kind and compassionate demeanor. Many parents came to glean advice for raising their children and discovered, to their surprise, that Dr. Ledford’s presentation applied equally to, or even to a greater extent to their own lives.  One participant contacted me and shared her exuberance in finally being able to have an honest conversation with her child. At last, she confided, she was able to sit quietly and listen without judgment to the heart of her child. At last, she confessed, she can be the mother her child deserves rather than a critic speaking with the voice of the still frightened child buried deep within her. No longer does she have to face each day hiding behind a wall erected to defend her against failure. No longer will she rob her child of a desperately needed mother. No longer is she more interested in controlling rather than loving her child.

Dr. Terry Ledford is a great psychologist. But he is far more than that.  He is a healer. He is a minister. He is a father, a husband, and a brother. If you have the opportunity to hear his presentation or read his book, Parables for a Wounded Heart, please take advantage of it. You will be blessed.

David Putman, M.A., Minister to Students

Elizabeth Baptist Church









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