Parables for a Wounded Heart

I'm a psychologist, who helps people who have sustained self-esteem wounds from past negative experiences, overcome those wounds and experience a more positive self-worth, so they can live more joyful and satisfying lives.

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Parables for a Wounded Heart:

Overcoming the Wounds to Your Self-Esteem and Transforming Your Perception of You

Do you tend to be self-critical or negative about yourself? Did you experience painful childhood events that wounded your self-esteem? When children experience criticism, rejection, trauma or abuse, they may perceive that they are to blame. Such painful events can alter their identity, not who they are, but who they believe that they are. A wound of the heart is formed. A wound of the heart is a hurt or a series of hurts that affects your core being, sense of self or self-concept. “Parables for a Wounded Heart” is a breakthrough guide to help you heal your heart wounds by combining the proven principles of Cognitive Therapy with the emotional power of therapeutic stories. This program will touch your heart and bring new insights allowing a deep and lasting healing for your self-esteem. Dr. Ledford guides you through this process with great insight and compassion allowing you to see your past negative experiences and yourself in very different way.



A wound of the heart alters your perception of yourself, of the world, or of how you fit or do not fit into the world. The wound guides your thinking, alters your perceptions and affects your life choices. It changes your life, and you don’t even know that it is happening. A wounded heart can destroy a life if left untreated. No one is born with a low self-esteem. Our negative self-beliefs are learned through negative experiences. Children who experience criticism learn to believe that they are inadequate or not good enough. Children who experience rejection or abandonment learn to believe that they are less important or loveable. While a wound of the heart can occur at any age, most wounds occur during childhood when the heart is most tender. The child is most vulnerable because the sense of self is just forming, and he or she has no defense against such a wound. From the moment the child is able to recognize that he is a distinct being, separate from the world, he begins gathering information to answer that question, “Who am I?”


“Having been in healthcare for 30 plus years, and dealing with many psychologists, Dr. Ledford has managed to prove that there is an honest simple approach to improving lifes’ journey. If you are willing to do the simple exercises in the book, after reading the stories of course, anyone from nine to ninety can find a different perspective to what often feels quite overwhelming. His sensible approach is so logical it is like being hit between the eyes by a two-by-four. You’ll walk away from reading, if you can put it down, and you will find yourself with a whole new view…..I’d spread this around like peanut butter if I could. Thanks Dr. Ledford for restoring my faith in your profession.”     T. Morrow

“Dr. Ledford has provided the type of guidance in his book that normally is only available in therapy sessions. He is a gifted storyteller and his parables are just what those with wounded hearts need to hear. I highly recommend this book. If you need to lift your self-esteem and heal years of repeated negative experiences, these parables will resonate and steer you on your path. Read this and do the exercises and you will never look back!”            Lynn R.

“As a former patient of Dr. Ledford, I can testify how helpful this book is. I now live in a different state and am unable to continue working with him. He changed my life and this book makes me feel that I am still in his office. It will change your life and help you see yourself in a positive light and help erase your negative thinking. Buy it and you will become inspired and see the world and your life change for the better!!!”       Connie H.

“This is one of the most incredible books that I have ever read pertaining to self-esteem. The parables are mind captivating and realistic. It is useful and safe for all age groups. This book relates to real life situations and helps with understanding one’s self. It is a reference in time of trouble to help keep the emotion “low keyed” and thought patterns positive. I would recommend this book to everyone!”      Judy M.

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