Finding Me Program


     Healing Self-Esteem Wounds Created by Abuse and Trauma


finding_me_cover_picture   The finding Me program is designed to help individuals, ages 13 and older, identify and eradicate                     negative self-beliefs created by prior negative life experiences, including criticism, neglect, abuse, and           trauma. The program is based on the theories and techniques of Cognitive/Behavioral Psychotherapy             and Strategic Family Therapy. While some techniques in the Finding Me Program have been used for             years in cognitive   therapy, most were developed by Dr. Ledford through thirty years of psychotherapy           practice.

                     ABOUT THE PROGRAM                                                     

Finding Me is designed to be conducted in a group format, with a group size of 4 to 10 members. The program facilitator should be a professional (counselor, house-parent, therapist, teacher, etc.), with specific training in the Finding Me theories and techniques. In order to preserve continuity, the same professional should lead a group through all modules. Group meetings can be between 30 minutes and ninety minutes, depending on availability of time and extent of group discussion.

While the program is designed to be used in a group format, should circumstances warrant, it can be used in individual counseling with certain modifications. The most significant disadvantage to using the program in individual counseling is the participant’s decreased opportunity to recognize that his/her beliefs and thoughts are not unique.

Finding Me consists of seven modules. Each module contains videos where Dr. Ledford introduces a therapeutic story, tells the story and then discusses the implications of that story. Each module also contains specific exercises designed for that module and proposed leader discussion questions. Each module has learning objectives and behavioral goals. While most modules can be completed in one meeting, multiple sessions for particular modules are acceptable.

Finding Me can be offered as a pure psychoeducational program, or as a structured counseling/therapy program. As a psychoeducational program, participants will complete only Part 1. When offered as a counseling/therapy program, participants will complete both Part 1 and Part 2.

The Finding Me Program is designed to be used by professional or paraprofessionals (e.g. psychologists, counselors, house parents, teachers, etc.), who have completed training in the program’s theories and techniques.


Module 1: The Origins and Impact of Self-Esteem Wounds

Module 2: Learning to Love Yourself and Understandingfinding Me Photo for web page

Your True Worth

Module 3: Understanding the Power of Perception

Module 4: Treating Yourself Fairly and With Compassion

Module 5: Comparing Yourself to Others and Learning to

Take Care of Yourself

Module 6: Recovering from Abuse and Helplessness

Module 7: Dealing with Unhealthy Relationships and

Putting it all Together

“The  Finding Me Program has greatly benefited the youth we work with in the LINKS program. It is an asset to the healing process when youth have experienced some type of trauma in their lives. It has helped them become more insightful and ultimately, more hopeful.”                                    

Lloiann Byers, Rutherford County LINKS Coordinator, Lead Foster Care Worker


The Finding Me Program can be purchased by professionals in schools, agencies, practices and group homes. The purchase price includes all Finding Me materials, any future updates to materials and permanent license to use the program in that specific agency or organization.

Users must receive training in the program’s theoretical foundations and treatment techniques. This training must be sufficient to assure the program’s fidelity.

To find out more about training options, contact Dr. Ledford.

Price for the full kit is $480.00. Special pricing is available for those agencies who participate in a brief research program.

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